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Colours… as we know it… by Benedetta Segala

Colours… as we know it…

by Benedetta Segala
Colour is understood through experience.

We train our eyes to understand what is happening. This is colour interacting. Methodically the eye explores the effects of mindful perception, delving into the basics to what we know as colours. Instinctively we urge ourselves to understand colours, of its influence by the environment be it nature or social.

Colour comprehension is none other than our innate awareness and underlying dogma inferred by the mind. The environmental influence to our use and perception of colours leads to a wider perspective. In essence…perception before conception and theory.

Oh how, one wonders, does the environment influence our perception of colours? By environment, I speak of the external surroundings as we see it…the landscape and nature that envelopes us… and of the social environment of cultures and traditions.

There is no absolute or positive colour. Every colour changes, as it appears before our eyes in response to its surroundings. It is continuously dynamic.

Colours can be made to appear darker, lighter or transparent; colours seemingly advances or recedes against other colours.

Predominantly so, colours appear connected in space. As constellations, they can be seen in every direction at any speed. As colours be colours, we return to them time and again…wielding it in differing stylistic approaches and means, effect afresh yielded as always.
Different conditions may, not only affect our colour perception but also in the way we express or use colours.

Henceforth, the value of a colour is clearly influenced by its surroundings. A colour of medium value will look darker against a light colour and so, appear lighter against a dark colour. A colour’s intensity is duly agitated by its neighbour. A bright colour against a dull background will accentuate its effects. Contrastingly, its brightness will appear dulled in comparison when placed against background of a shade brighter.

Seeing is not only a visual affair, it is a psychological affair. It is impossible to remember a colour precisely.

Colour is psychic. As a psychological effect, the deep influences of culture in colour perception cannot be ignored.
That colour exists in the eye, not on paper.

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